Month: October 2017

Hallowe’en Fun

We iced skeleton biscuits and made masks:


Emotion Talks outdoors

This afternoon we used the outdoors to further our Emotion Talks work. With a partner, we used natural objects to create faces with different emotions.

Autumn Leaf Rainbow

P1A and P1B collected different coloured leaves in the Meadows this afternoon. They took them back to school then sorted them into groups according to colour. The final task was to create a leaf rainbow – super teamwork from everybody resulted in this fantastic rainbow.

Bird Feeders

Yesterday P1A and P1B decided to help the birds (and squirrels) find plenty of food to help them prepare for the colder weather. They tied string around pine cones, rolled them in lard, then pressed them into a tray of bird seed. When plenty of seeds had stuck to the pine cone the girls and boys chose good places to hang them up in the nature strip.


Today Miss G taught us how to play dominoes. Dominoes is a great game for developing a range of numeracy skills including patterns and number recognition. We loved playing with our friends.