Author: Mrs Barker

Special Visitor

All of Primary 1 enjoyed a visit from P.C. Fowler this morning. She told us about all of the equipment she carries with her and she answered lots of our questions.

Thank you P.C. Fowler, we really enjoyed you your visit.


P1B learning about puffins

We were very lucky to have Sue come in to talk to us about puffins – we learned loads from her. Thank you Sue.

P1B Outdoor Learning

We had a wonderful time over on the nature strip this morning. We learned how to make a fire and we learned that fires need air to keep going. We made hot chocolate and popcorn, we listened to a story and we sang campfire songs. Many thanks to all the adults who helped us.

P1A & P1B Tennis

We had great fun this morning. We practised catching bean bags in cones, catching bean bags with tennis racquets, catching tennis balls in cones and bouncing tennis balls on tennis racquets.

Colour Wheel

On Tuesday P1B learned about primary colours and how these could be mixed to create the secondary colours. We also had a look at the colour wheel.

One of us went home and created her own colour wheel – SUPER work!